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Clean, clear, healthy pool water is the result of proper sanitation, filtration and circulation. The term
sanitize means to kill all disease-causing organisms. The sanitizer is the key component of your
chemical program. In order to be effective, a chemical program used to treat pool water must not
only sanitize but also disinfect ĘC kill all living organisms and oxidize- destroy organic waste.
There are many sanitizer options available today. The staff at Syracuse Pool & Patio can assist you
in selecting the chemical program that best suits your pool type and lifestyle. Once you find a
sanitizer program that works for you stick with it! Maintaining a consistent level of sanitizer will
prevent bacteria and algae growth and provide sparkling clear water
. Many swimming pool products
are incompatible with each other and should not be used with certain sanitizers, alternative sanitizers
or pool types. Again, it is best to stick with the products offered in your brand specific chemical
program. The basics of water chemistry, found within this manual, explains the importance of water
chemistry and the role that water balance plays in the effectiveness of your sanitizer, be sure to
review this section.
Each chemical program requires specific handling and storage precautions. Please read and
follow all label directions as well as the safety recommendations listed in Chemical Safety. In all
cases chemicals should be kept in a dry location out of the reach of children. To learn more about
the specific treatment program used in your pool, click on one of the programs listed below.
BioGuard 3 Step Chlorine
SPARCO Chlorine
SPARCO Automatic Water Treatment
BioGuard SoftSwim
FROG low chlorine
Pentair Intellichlor Salt Generator
Simple Blue
Simple Salt
Mineral Springs Treatment