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Acid- Chemical which lowers pH.
Acidic- Having a pH below 7.0. Opposite of basic.
Aggressive Water- Water that is corrosive because it is low in pH and/or calcium hardness
and/or total alkalinity.
Algae- Microscopic plants that enter your pool via rain, wind, dust, etc. and can cause
discoloration of the water or pool surface.
Algaecide- Chemical that kills or prevents algae.
Alkaline- Having a pH above 7.0.
Alkalinity- All pool chemicals work most effectively when alkalinity remains in balance.
Alkalinity prevents pH bounce. Low alkalinity is very corrosive to the filter and other pool
equipment. High alkalinity promotes scale formation, cloudy water and reduces chlorine
Alum (aluminum sulfates)- A compound used to cause suspended solids in water to form
filterable masses (flocculant).
Ammonia- A chemical compound of hydrogen and nitrogen that combines with free chlorine in
pools to form chloramines, or combined chlorine. Also combines with free bromine to form
Backwash- The process of cleansing the filter medium and/or elements by the reverse flow of
water through the filter.
Bacteria- Microscopic organisms that enter your pool from swimmers and dust, among other
things, can cause irritation and infection.
Balanced water- Total water chemistry that is right where it should be to prevent both
corrosion and scaling. The factors to check for in balancing your water are pH, total alkalinity
and water hardness.
Ball Valve- A device that can partially or totally obstruct the flow of water, using a ball-shaped
Base- A chemical used to raise the pH and/or total alkalinity of pool water.
Basic- Having a pH above 7.0. Opposite of acidic.
Breakpoint Chlorination- The practice of adding a sufficient amount of chlorine to water to
destroy the combined inorganic chlorine present. Normally, the amount added is 10 times the
combined chlorine concentration.
Biguanide- polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), is a chlorine-free organic biocide. Biguanide
is a biguanide. This polymer based pool and spa sanitizer uses a 3 step program to disinfect your pool.
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