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There are a variety of specialty chemical products available today to
treat a wide range of water problems. The following provides a general
description of some of these specialty products. Ask one of our pool
professionals to recommend a brand specific specialty chemical treatment
product best suited for your water problem, chemical treatment program
and pool finish. Please remember some products may NOT be
compatible with the sanitizer program you are using. PLEASE refer to
your treatment program below for a list of specialty or troubleshooting products you can use.
Chelating or sequestering agents
These chemicals are used to prevent staining or scaling by binding metals or minerals in pool
water together so they will not precipitate (fall out of solution). Often called stain or scale
remover or inhibitor these products work best to prevent discoloration PRIOR to the use of any
chemicals. Use the brand specific chemical recommended in your chemical treatment
Clarifiers help filter out suspended particles that cannot be oxidized. Clarifiers attract and
coagulate or bind small particles together making them large enough to be trapped by the filter.
Clarifiers come in a variety of concentrations. Be sure to read and follow label instructions on
the clarifier recommended by your pool professional.
Enzyme Products
Provide a natural method for combating organic matter in your pool water. Pools with
heavy use or large amounts of organic material (sun-tan oils, cosmetics, body oils &
wastes, leaves, worms) will benefit greatly from a weekly addition of an enzyme product.
These products can reduce foaming and scum-lines, increase water clarity and decrease
backwashing frequency.
Flocculants or Filter aids
Floc is used to treat extremely cloudy water by binding suspended particles and settling to the
pool floor. This treatment involves loss of water as the settled material should be vacuumed to
waste (by-passing the filter system). In lesser amounts a flocculant can sometimes be used as
a filter aid to trap finer particles- see label directions for application instructions.
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