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Clean, clear, healthy pool water is achieved through proper water chemistry, sanitation and
circulation. Circulation occurs as water travels into the skimmer, passes through the plumbing
to the pump, is filtered and returned via the return inlet of the pool. The pump must be on for
the water movement to take place; which should be a minimum run time of 10-12 hours every
day on high speed, 24 hours a day on low speed. Moving water allows your sanitizer to work
more effectively, helps prevent dirt and algae build up, and allows your filter to effectively remove
dirt and debris.
The skimmer body contains a basket for catching leaves and debris before they enter the
pump and possibly clog the impeller area. You should check the basket regularly (every few
days) and empty as needed. If your basket becomes cracked, it should replaced. There are
many styles and sizes of skimmers available, be sure to save yourself an extra
trip by bringing your old skimmer basket with you. The skimmer ˇ°skimsˇ± the
water surface by pulling surface debris from the water. Your skimmer will work
most effectively when the water level is 12 to 2/3 up on the skimmer opening
and the weir door is in place. This door flaps weir door in and out of the skimmer opening,
drawing floating debris into the skimmer. The door simply snaps into place in
the skimmer mouth and should at all times move freely to allow unrestricted
water flow into the skimmer. Check and maintain your water level often and add
make-up water if needed. If the water level drops below the skimmer the pump
will draw in air and cavitate, potentially causing serious damage to the pump and
motor by allowing it to run dry. Manual vacuuming is performed through the
skimmer. Go to Vacuuming section of the manual for detailed instructions.
return inlet
After the pool water passes through the filter tank it is returned to the pool via the
return inlet fitting. Most return fittings have a directional eyeball fitting to direct the
flow of water back into the pool. For best results, the eyeball should be positioned
so that the water is forced in a circular motion towards the pool bottom. This will
promote more even circulation and result in a cleaner pool.
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