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A properly closed pool is a pool that will survive the winter months without freeze damage and
will be easy to open come spring. The cleaner the pool is when you close
it, the less work you will have at the start of the next season.
When you are ready to close your pool for the season you will want to first
be sure that the water is CLEAN AND BALANCED.
1. We recommend that you bring a water sample to our store for a complete water analysis
before winterization and make any necessary adjustments. Be sure that the pH reads
between 7.4 ¨C7.6 and the Total Alkalinity between 80-150 ppm prior to adding closing
2. Brush and Vacuum the pool and remove any fallen leaves or debris. Leaves left in the pool
over the winter months can cause staining to the pool liner.
3. If your pool does not have free chlorine present, it must be added in addition to the
winterizing kit. Adjust the free chlorine level to 2.0-3.0 ppm
4. Add winterizing chemicals as follows, with pump running and water circulating:
a.) broadcast 1 lb. per 12,000 gal of Oxy-Plus, wait until completely dissolved.
b.) Broadcast 1 lb. per 12,000 gal of sequestering compound, wait until completely
c.) Broadcast 1 lb. per 12,000 gal of dry winterizer, wait until completely dissolved.
5. Circulate the pool water for a minimum of 2 hours prior to pool closing.
6. Turn off pump & motor, remove skimmer basket and plug off skimmer.
7. Unthread the directional eyeball fitting from the return inlet and hand-tighten the threaded
plug into the return inlet.
8. Remove ladder and store indoors.
9. Use a compressor, pump or hand held blow dryer to fill the air pillow 34 full.
DO NOT over
inflate or fully inflate air freeze pillow or it may burst. You may also want to place a piece of
duct tape over the air cap to help keep securely closed throughout the winter. Tie the pillow
using rope into the center of the swimming pool.
10. Place the winter cover over the pool so that the cover is centered with an equal amount of
over hang around the perimeter of the pool. Secure the cover by lacing the cable through the
grommets and then tightening the winch.
DO NOT hang water filled gallon jugs from the
cover¡¯s grommets. The weight will destroy the cover and voids the manufacturer¡¯s warranty.
When securing cover with cable, cord or other mounting device, make sure the
cable, cord, etc. is positioned over the top of the Thru-the-Wall skimmer and